5 Hardy Chick Breeds Worth A Look This Fall

1. Cornish Cross Broilers

At only 6 weeks of age, these meaty fowl are ready to butcher. These Cornish Hen crossed with a Broiler are a great bird to begin your fall flock. 

 Robyn Anderson/Flickr

2. Plymouth Rocks

Not only are Plymouths beautiful to look at, they’re overall a robust, hardy, all-around friendly bird. These birds have shown to adapt to many different living situations and climates. 


3. Australorps

Originating in Australia, the Australorps are a great egg layer. Laying regularly into the winter, this bird has shown to lay upwards of 250 large brown eggs per year. 

 Palaeuenc05/CC BY-SA 3.0

4. Rhode Island Red

A northeastern favorite, the Rhode Island Reds are your trusty dual-purpose bird. Producing both meat and eggs, these hens can regularly exceed over 200 large brown eggs per year. 

 Garrett Heath/Flickr

5. ISA Browns

Developed more than 30-years ago, the ISA Brown was bred to be an exceptional egg layer. Over 60 percent of all the brown eggs produced in the world are from ISA. Great to know! 

 Pengo/CC BY-SA 3.0

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