5 Important Reasons to Raise Homestead Goats

Raising goats on your homestead offers several benefits. They are more versatile and less expensive than raising cattle. If you’re still on the fence about it, check out these 5 important reasons to raise homestead goats.

Non-Stop Weed Eaters

Goats are constant nibblers. This makes them an excellent resource for your homestead. If your undergrowth is out of control, goats can help clear the land. You must keep them in check though. They will eat weeds and crops alike.

Outstanding Source of Dairy

Many homesteaders rely on goats for dairy. This is because raising them doesn’t require as much food or land as cattle. Milk from the Oberhasli is said to be the closest to that from cows, but perhaps a tad sweeter.

You can make ice cream, butter, buttermilk, and cheese from goats’ milk. Studies show that it is a great source of protein. A nanny produces around 20 gallons of milk before the next freshening.

Low-Fat High-Protein Meat Source

The Kalahari is a favorite breed for meat production. They are extremely resilient. These goats were bred to withstand dry weather, hot climates, disease, and parasites. You may breed Kalahari goats with larger breeds to increase your meat production. Every wether can provide around 30 pounds of meat depending upon the breed.

Gardening with Goats

Raising goats on your homestead provides great fertilizer for your garden. It is much easier to work with than cow manure. The odor of goat droppings is nowhere as offensive as other types.

Goat manure is relatively high in nitrogen content. You may need to add it to your compost before applying it to your garden. While you can use goat manure any time of year, during autumn is best. This allows it to penetrate the ground through the cold months before your next spring crop.

Small Scale Source

Goats make great livestock for small farms or large homesteads. Goats don’t take up as much room as other types of cattle but provide most of the same valuable benefits. Bear in mind that you should have at least a couple nanny’s and a wether, so they aren’t lonely. If you’re looking to expand your farm or homestead, you should give goats fair consideration.

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