Free and Affordable Homesteading Skills Resources

Once upon a time, skills needed for successful homesteading were passed down through the generations. This tradition has fallen out of practice in most regions of today’s world. Technical information is now in demand, but you can use that to your advantage. There are numerous free and affordable homesteading skills resources on the internet.

Watch and Learn Homesteading Skills

There are literally millions of free educational homesteading videos. It only takes a second to type your query into your favorite search engine. You will receive a wide range of hits to learn homesteading skills. You also have a large variety of Youtube channels subscriptions. Your options are nearly endless.

  • ✓ Livestock
  • ✓ Gardening
  • ✓ Canning
  • ✓ Food Preservation
  • ✓ Cheese Making
  • ✓ Home Distilling
  • ✓ Natural Remedies

Homesteading Skills School

There are several websites which offer both free and paid course available online. The sites are generally run by experienced homesteaders. They provide valuable information and actionable tips. Check out some of the homestead school options below.

Like Minded Homesteaders

You can check social media for homesteading skills resources as well. Like, follow, and share other homesteaders for tips or additional learning resources. You might look into local possibilities too. Community centers and universities often offer free or affordable homesteading classes.

Keep in mind that you should continue your homesteading education indefinitely. Regardless of where you are on your homesteading journey, there is always more to learn. Try typing keywords such as free homesteading resources or off-grid living books into your go-to search engine. Don’t forget to visit to discover a likeminded homesteading community which provides valuable classifieds that connect buyers and sellers.

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