Important Items For Your Homestead Kitchen

What are the most important items for your homestead kitchen? Your kitchen is the heart and hearth of your home. This is where meals are prepared, and your family enjoys quality time. Before deciding what items your homestead kitchen needs, determine what type of meal preparation will be done.

Cast Iron for your Homestead Kitchen

Cast iron has been around since the days of the pioneers. Even with all the new green, copper, and non-stick cookware available, most homesteaders prefer using cast iron. One reason is extreme durability. Nothing outlasts cast iron.

There are two basic pieces of the cast iron arsenal. One is a large skillet and the other is a Dutch oven. Since it is cast iron you can use this cookware on the stove, in the oven, and over an open fire.

Cutlery and Cutting Boards

A few more must-haves for your homestead kitchen is a set of quality knives and a couple of good cutting boards. Don’t skimp in this area. If you plan to cook from scratch, you will use these items for just about every meal. Don’t forget to spend a little more on a good knife sharpener.

Homestead Kitchen Mixology

To cook from scratch, you need a higher end, stand mixer. You can do your mixing by hand. Depending on what you make though, you may spend more time preparing than enjoying your family meals.

You should also invest in a set of high-quality mixing bowls with lids. Sizes should vary from small to very large. Most homesteaders prefer stainless steel because it lasts the longest and takes a beating well.

Other Homestead Considerations

The ideas above don’t include dinnerware, serving ware, or eating utensils. Keep in mind it is not a comprehensive list. These are a few examples to help you brainstorm.

As mentioned what you need for your homestead kitchen greatly depends upon your cooking and eating habits. You should consider how you will cook and how much of your food you produce. Here are a few more ideas to get you thinking like a homestead family.

  • • Pressure Cooker
  • • Large Stockpot
  • • Jars, Lids, and Seals
  • • Food Dehydrator
  • • Meat Grinder
  • • Vacuum Sealer

Decide how you intend to prepare your meals. Determine how much of your food you will produce on your land. Use these details to create a comprehensive list of essential items for your homestead kitchen.

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