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10000 Bales
$9.5 / Bale

We offer a variety of Alfalfa Grades. Premium: Premium is our best horse hay. It is 3rd through 7th cutting. It is leafy with fine stems and available all year long. Quality: Quality is essentially the same as Premium Alfalfa. The quality and price is discounted because when it was baled the conditions were less than optimal. It is available all year long. Mid-Grade: Mid-grade is a great value. It is discounted because it may have color variations; it might have been baled a little dry; it could have been on the bottom of the stack or any number of reasons. Nutritionally, it is good hay. It is usually available. Cow Hay: Cow hay is the least expensive alfalfa we offer. It is not recommended nor guaranteed for horses. It may have been rained on, so there could be mold, or there may be an excessive amount of dirt or mud in the bale. It is available most of the time. Paca Verde is a blended Alfalfa-Rye Grass mix. Several years ago we developed Paca Verde as a winter grass mix. It has turned out to be some of the best horse feed we have ever seen. It is extremely popular with our customers and we often sell out. It is available May 1 through about January.
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