300 Bales
$9.00 / Bale

Premium small square bales of horse hay; approximately 65% orchard grass, 30% Timothy & 5 % brome. Did you know that old grass can actually reduce the quality of a bale of hay by as much as 25-30%? We burn our fields every spring to avoid any old previous years' growth in our hay. We do NOT fall pasture our hayfields so there is NO manure residual in our bales. We also fertilize our fields and spray for weeds so we have a good protein to sugar content and it is as weed free as possible. While our fields can be certified, we choose not to only because this would raise the price of our hay. This is horse hay BY horse people FOR horse people. We may not be the cheapest but we definitely try to create the best product we possibly can. Our hay has never been rained on; it is stored in a hay barn up on pallets so there are no bottom bales to contend with. We have the ability to load almost any flat bed trailer with our 10 pack, and there is also delivery available. Just remember you get what you pay for and with us, you KNOW where your hay is coming from. We do not bring any hay in from outside sources; we grow it right here in the Bitterroot Valley on our property. Why take a chance on possibly buying hay of indeterminate age that is brought in from who knows where? Know what you're getting and get to know your grower; one of the best compliments we receive is that horses "eat every bite" of our hay. Please feel free to call us.
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Mari Laursen
(406) 777-1848