What Exactly Is A Homestead?

There is a lot of internet buzz about homesteading. There are tons of websites dedicated to providing resources and information on the subject. There are even sites explaining how to make money running a homestead. So, what exactly is a homestead?

Homestead Overview

A homestead is a tract of land on which families aim to lead a self-sustaining lifestyle. This includes growing, cultivating, and harvesting their own food. It also includes methods of foodstuff preservation such as freezing, dehydrating, and home canning. Many homestead families raise, slaughter, and preserve their own meat as well.

Some homestead families produce clothing through textiles. Many create home remedies, personal care, and household cleaners from herbs they cultivate on the land. All these activities target living a life which is self-sustaining.

Homesteading Details

The above overview covers the basics of homesteading, but those who live the lifestyle say it has more to offer. It is difficult to capture each family’s version in a one-line definition. If you are planning to build your own homestead, it is important to consider the lifestyle details on a personal.

  • • Will you raise some or all your fresh produce?
  • • Will you home can your harvest or use all available foodstuff preservation methods?
  • • Will you raise livestock or hunt on your homestead?
  • • Do you intend to generate money from your self-staining life to cover the many management costs?

These are only a few of the many options you should consider before you begin your journey. Most homesteaders advise learning and honing your skills before you start building. Look at the list of skills below. Make a list of those you would like to learn and apply to your family’s self-sustaining lifestyle.

  • ✓ Home Canning
  • ✓ Gardening
  • ✓ Composting
  • ✓ Keeping Chickens
  • ✓ Rabbits for Meat
  • ✓ Raising Goats
  • ✓ Herbal Medicine
  • ✓ Foraging
  • ✓ Homemade Cleaning
  • ✓ Sewing

Keep in mind that you can find courses or books for homesteading skills on the internet. You might also attend local classes in your area. Read our article about free and affordable homestead skills resources here on the RanchOffer blog.

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